Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

Cyrano & Roxane Wine

Small, cozy resteurant located on ,,Little Monciak", away from noisy tourism, led by native French from Bergec. We offer unique wines from small, family vineyards of the southern France. Our wines are specially selected for the wine bar and shop Cyrano. Marc and his wife traveled thousand kilometers in search for wine that reflect southern France character. The majority of them are organic, ecological wines but first of all its the wines that they really like themselves. Wines are available in two points: Wine Cyrano - Sopot Monte Cassino street 11 tel. 660 759 594 Shop Cyrano ,,Wines and Fromages" - Gdynia , Wielkopolska street 31 tel, 668 938 249

We also sell mail our wines across Poland, in the Tri-City area delivery is free.

Address: Boh. Monte Cassino 11

Miejscowość: 81-704 Sopot



Phone: +48 660 759 594

Fax: -

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