Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

Wybrzeże Theatre - Chamber Scene

Chamber Scene is one of the four year round scenes of Wybrzeże Theatre. Its main headquarter is located in the heart of Gdansk's Old Town, where three other scenes are located: Duża (Big Scene), Malarnia and Czarna Scena (Black Scene). In the summer our performances are also exposed on Summer Scene in Faktoria Park located in Pruszcz Gdański. In 2006 director of Wybrzeże Theatre became Adam Orzechowski. Actually, our theatre is one of the most famous and respected theatre places in Poland. Every year, more than 100 000 visitors visit us. Our performances are hosted at major festivals in Poland, including Warsaw Theatre Meetings, Divine Comedy, Premier Festival. Wybrzeże Theatre artistic team has won many most prestigious theatre awards like: Swinarski price (for Grzegorz Wiśniewski for ZMIERZCH BOGÓW), many prizes in Ogólnopolski Konkurs na Inscenizację Dawnych Dzieł Literatury Europejskiej and Ogólnopolskim Konkursie na Wystawienie Polskiej Sztuki Współczesniej. Every year in summer seasons Wybrzeże Theatre organize Festiwal Wybrzeże Sztuki.

Address: Bohaterów Monte Cassino 30

Miejscowość: Sopot



Phone: 58 551 50 40

Fax: -

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