Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

Hipodrom Sopot

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are pleased to invite you to Sopot Hippodrome! It is oasis of greenery and tranquility situated in the heart of Tri-City, a friendly place for inhabitants and tourists. You can find here idyllic space perfect for relaxing walks, safe for children (limited car traffic), repose with good book on a blanket sourrounded by greenery and silence intermittent only by the tramp of horses.

There are many spectacular equestrian events. The most important of them are **Official International Competitions in Jumping CSIO5* , the highest ranking with a prize pool of 1 600 000 PLN, around 100 top class international raiders, 160 excellent horses! The competitions are very popular among audience and media.

In addition on Sopot Hippodrome you can see many of other major equestrian events: ** Międzynarodowe Zawody we Wszechstronnym Konkursie Konia Wierzchowego**, Halowy Puchar Polski w Skokach, Finał Halowego Pucharu Polski w Ujeżdżeniu, Mistrzostwa Polski Juniorów and Zawody Regionalne w Skokach i Ujeżdżeniu.

Within Hippodrome you can take riding lessons as well as hippotherapy (details on our website:

Sopot Hippodrome is the place where many interesting events, not only connected with horsemanship. You can see various outdoor exhibitions (painting, dog show, vintage cars), concerts (for example Top Trendy 2010), events for few thousand people, social events for employees, green schools. We host picnics, family picnics, there is a lot of space for activities for children.

Address: Polna 1

Miejscowość: 81-745 Sopot



Phone: 585517896

Fax: 585550644

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