Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

Sopot Centrum

SOPOT CENTRUM - where the Tricity comes together. A place for social, business and cultural meetings. Since 2016, the inhabitants of Sopot and visitors to the town can admire the new face of the upper part of the Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street. Sopot Centrum is a modern, multifunctional complex which gives rise to the life of the town and focuses its energy. Its owners made sure to tailor the wide range of available services to the needs of its visitors – the complex is home to retail outlets, eateries, cultural amenities and office facilities.

Sopot Centrum features a passageway for tourists, an open food court and a leisure area with specially adapted landscape architecture, all of which helped to define it as the new central area of Sopot. To slow down the hectic pace of life, you can stop by for a cup of coffee, have lunch or go shopping in a place that functions as a seamless whole.

When visiting the newly opened outlets, you can take advantage of the transport infrastructure, roads and parking space that are there for your convenience. Sopot has always been a city of rich traditions which attracts tourists from all over Poland as well as foreign visitors, while its inhabitants cannot think of a better place to live. However, it used to lack a core area in the city centre – a meeting place that would satisfy all kinds of needs.

Address: Kościuszki 14

Miejscowość: 81-704 Sopot



Phone: 609 442 602

Fax: -

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