Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

Polish Touring Club

Polish Touring Club Association within its name and activity refers to the best pre-war tradition of international tradition of touring clubs connecting tourist, cycling and automobile precursors. Founders of our association connects desire to spend free time actively, passion for travel, slow food, good wines and classics motorization. They identify themselves with slow food and citta slow ideas. They consider essential to cultivate local and regional identity. Statutary goals of the association are: to promote active tourism, in particular, cycling and motor, promoting touring, promotion of sport and culture, promoting regional gastronomy and hospitality, spreading knowledge of history, architecture, geography and etnography, spreading cultural knowledge, integration of domestic and foreign environments of tourism, motorization and culinary, integration of local communities, integration of disabled people, consolidation the achievements and good tradition of tourism, studying other cultures and foreign languages, protection of cultural property and natural environment, promoting pro-social attitudes. These objectives are realized by the association website and printing publications, conducting the website, information activity, organization of events, meetings and trips, organization of courses, trainings and tastings, award badges, certificates and recommendations, conducting library, archival and collecting activity.

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