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Gdansk Psychology Publisher, GWP Uzdrowisko

Gdansk Psychology Publisher, GWP Uzdrowisko publishes scientific, popular science and guide books from social science. We mainly deal with psychology, but we also offer books in such fields as education, sociology, speech therapy, antrophology and many others. Some time ago we successfully began publishing fiction series. We exist since 1991 and publish around 150 renewals and reprints each year. We focus a group of unchallenged authorities, researchers and practitioners who not only write our publications but also inspire us to intensified work in socio-cultural field, which is expressed in many social campaings, workshops and trainings conducted by GWP. We invite you to read our books. Websites: www, ,

Club of the book GWP Uzdrowisko initiative was born in GWP editorial in July 2008. We organize: readings, lectures, workshops and courses which are mostly free and have free for all character. We wanted to create a place, where enthusiasts of psychology and other social sciences, as well as GWP books of personal development readers will have an opportunity to meet authorities in various fields. Lecturers are professionalists: well-known scientists and practitioners with many years experience. Topics are selected that they will be related to various issues. We talk about daily psychology, about how you can care about personal development, upbringing and creating most appropriate conditions for children development. A common subject is widely defined psychotherapy and its use in daily life. We talk about science strictly as well as fiction. Club of the book GWP Uzdrowisko is a place where every Reader of GWP has an access to books published by us for the last 20 years. Website:

Address: Bema 4/1a

Miejscowość: 81-753 Sopot



Phone: 58 551 11 01

Fax: 58 550 16 04

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