Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

LALALA ARTHOTEL restaurant & winery

"LALALA is different. It is diferrent even from those who is different" - Szymon Majewski. "LALALA is more than accomodation, it is a place of cultural cult" - Twój Styl. "One of the craziest places in Poland" - Elle Decoration. "It amazes with interior extravagance" - Newsweek. " A place, where you could find respite." - Playboy. "Magic, magic, magic" - Podróże. "The most stylish place when you can spend night in Sopot" - Glamour.

Address: Rzemieślnicza 42

Miejscowość: 81-855 Sopot



Phone: +48792840293

Fax: +48587398630

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