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11.10 , 19:00

We invite you on October 11 to a concert during which you will be able to hear the timeless songs of Jonasz Kofta.

In the program, in addition to original songs, you will hear hits such as: Joy in the morning, Her portrait or With You I Want to Watch the World. The whole concert is a kind of spectacle, which, apart from music, presents stories and anecdotes from the poet's life.

The performance will feature:

Agata Kujawa - vocal, author of the music, originator of the concert - Vocalist, actress, dancer, cultural animator. A graduate of the MUSICAL specialty of the Music Academy in Gdańsk. Winner of many festivals in incl. festival OFPA Spotlight. Participant of television programs: "That's how it flew", "Chance for success", "X-Factor". He conducts vocal, acting and dance workshops with children and young people all over Poland. The founder of the Tri-City Music Studio - Bear Sound.

Ariel Suchowiecki - Keyboard instruments, co-author of music - Pianist, composer, arranger. Student of the Gdańsk Music Academy at the faculty of jazz and stage music. He took piano practice at the G.F. Italian Conservatory Ghedini in Cuneo. He works with many artists and singers of the Tri-City stages. An accompanist at many vocal festivals. Co-founder of Pracownia Muzyczna - Bear Sound.

Adam Pachla - Double bass, bass guitar - Double bass player, bass player, session musician. A graduate of the Music Academy in Gdańsk in the class of Janusz Dobrowolski. Currently, he is studying jazz and double bass at the same university in the field of Jazz and Stage Music in the class of dr Piotr Kułakowski. A member of the team "Dwa na Dwa". He collaborated with such orchestras as the Sudeten Philharmonic or Sinfonietta Consonus, with which he recorded records, eg "Symphonic Theater of Dreams". He also collaborates with such artists as Agata Leśniewska, Agata Walczak, Ralph Kamiński and Jagoda Kościk.

Kacper Skolik - young generation jazz drummer, son of the Polish percussion legend Arek Skolik. He discovered his passion for music and percussion only in High School. At that time he began attending the 1st and 2nd degree State Music School in Gliwice. Ludomir Różycki. In addition, he developed his skills under the watchful eye of his father. Currently a student at the Music Academy in Gdańsk. One of the ten drummers participating in the project J. A. P. Kaczmarek "Emigra - Symphony without end". Finalist of the Jazz Drummers Competition 2018

Place: Teatr na Plaży

Date:11.10 , 19:00

Hour: 19:00

Tickets: 25/20 PLN

Category Kultura

Address: al. Franciszka Mamuszki 2, 81-718 Sopot



Phone: 58 555-22-34

Fax: 58 555-22-36


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