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5th edition of the 'Within Sopot' Photography Festival

06.09 - 15.09, 19:00 - 18:00

We invite you to the 5th edition of the Photography Festival "Within Sopot", which will take place between September 6-15, 2019.

For the first time the event will have an international character. The works of the artists taking part in the exhibition will be on display at the State Art Gallery and festival galleries in Sopot Centrum. This year, invited artists pose questions about the functioning of man in a modified environment, ask about the impact that this environment has on human activity, as well as about the nature of changes in social and cultural systems that occur in times of uncontrolled civilization development.

Residents from Poland: Karolina Jonderko, Diana Lelonek, Marta Zgierska

Residents from abroad: Arnis Balčus, Sasha Kurmaz

We invite you to the preview of the main exhibition and accompanying exhibitions at the State Art Gallery in Sopot on September 6 at 19:00.

Main exhibition of Polish residents

The State Art Gallery in Sopot

Artists: Karolina Jonderko, Diana Lelonek, Marta Zgierska

Curator: Tomasz Bergmann

The work of Marta Zgierska, Takeover is a series of portraits created in the wax museum. The aesthetic series tells the story of a fictitious life created for the needs of pop culture and building social models. During post-production, the artist put on fragments of pictures of her own face onto the photographs as if trying to revive them.

A relatively light, conceptual series, entitled Colonies 2019, was created by Karolina Jonderko. In its first part, the artist recreates her memories of a children's camp, while in the second, she places herself in the space of the recreation facilities of the Sopot resort. The work relates to the value of memories; watching it, we get the impression that it encourages us to nurture the child within ourselves in the face of a rushing world.

Diana Lelonek has created two complementary cycles. The artist photographed bodies of dead birds washed up on the Baltic coast and modern artifacts overgrown by the unexpected mud (amphibalanus improvisus). It is hard to resist the impression that the bodies of birds have acquired the artistic form of religious painting, and the photographs of objects washed ashore look like abstract graphics. The ecological impact of the works is strengthened in this way by their aesthetic form. September 8 (Sunday) at 16:00 we also invite you to a meeting with residents led by Adam Mazur!

Individual exhibition Ilona Szwarc ‘I Am a Woman and I Feast on Memory’

The State Art Gallery in Sopot

Threads about creating individuality and drawing its borders, similar to those of Marta Zgierska's series, are also found in the exhibition of Ilona Szwarc, a Polish artist from California. In the extremely fine-art conceptual portraits, the artist documents the characterization of the actress, who undergoes the process of transforming herself into someone similar to the author of the photos. Is this Ilona?

Individual exhibition of Katarzyna Bojko-Szymczewska ‘MEMESIS. Monkey nature / Transitional States’

The State Art Gallery in Sopot

In both series of the author, we can find traces of topics also raised by Marta Zgierska and Ilona Szwarc. In two cycles of collodion photographs, the artist deals with the topics of copying, cloning and modification and the issue of extreme interference in the human body for biological transformation, transhumanistic processing of the homo sapiens species (Transitional States).

Individual exhibition of Paweł Błęcki ‘Temporary concentration of matter’

The State Art Gallery in Sopot

The bio art style, in line with the festival works of Diana Lelonek, is a series in a continuous process, which the artist constantly creates and modifies. Błęcki creates installations and sculptures made of plastic objects washed up by the sea, and also photographic documents finished objects. In addition to raising ecological issues, the work also expresses a longing for the process of creating folk art when the community together created a representative culture.

The festival "Within the framework of Sopot" will also be full of accompanying events, such as the ongoing pilot festival, the outdoor exhibition of Gazeta Wyborcza 1989, workshops conducted by residents (organized in cooperation with the Sopot School of Photography), meetings with artists, concert Joanna Duda combined with the premiere slideshow of Karolina Jonderko and the unveiling of the second Sopot Photo statue by Chris Niedenthal.

The search for invited artists is a fragmentary reflection of our time. In their works there are questions about basic values and self-replicating answers. Functioning causing inability to function. Individuality causing a lack of individuality. The survival instinct that causes death. Confession of values resulting in no value. Development that causes extermination. Power representing society, which interests of society which interests of society do not represent ...

The 5th edition of the "Sopot in Frames" festival presents the artists' opinions resulting from their sincere interests in the world around us. The exhibitions include conceptual works, formal experiments, as well as works in the field of contemporary documentalism. These are brilliant insights and relationships presented using intelligent series of photographs; observations provoking a position. Art naturally becomes an expression of protest to protect itself, but also the world in which we exist and of which we are part.

We invite you to Sopot for our photographic feast.

Organiser: City of Sopot

Co-organizers: The State Art Gallery in Sopot, Sopot School of Photography WFH

Artistic director: Tomasz Bergmann

Place: State Art Gallery

Date:06.09 - 15.09, 19:00 - 18:00

Hour: 19:00 - 18:00

Tickets: -

Category Kultura

Address: Place Zdrojowy 2, 81-720 Sopot


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Organizer: City Hall

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