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Glamour Photography from the 1940s

19.09 , 15:00 - 18:00

Glamour photography from the 1940s is primarily connected with Hollywood and their attempts to promote actors and films. Typically, the photographs of the stars took the form of portraits, which have specific characteristics and require a special approach to lighting which is more film like than photographic. This makes these photos rather unique.

During this workshop we will deal with lighting the portrait, obtaining a soft image and comprehensive work with portraits in a given style. During the classes you will learn:

• How to light a portrait to get full and soft light?

• How you position the model under the lights and use the camera to get interesting shots?

• How to restore old photos to get similar effects to the bygone era?

The classes are designed for everyone who is interested in portrait photography and wants to expand their photographic knowledge with new techniques.

Participants will also receive educational material such as

• A glamour portrait from the 1940s showing photography techniques used in Hollywood during this period.

• Presets for various Adobe Photoshop modules (curves, Camera RAW, duotones, and others) for creative photographic processing

Where: Sopot.

Time: September 29, 2019. We meet in the train station hall at 15:00.

Cost: PLN 100 (PLN 50 for members of the Sopot Photographic Club)

More information about the club can be found here. We also invite you to visit our Facebook page.

Information about the workshops including a complete calendar of workshops, courses and photographic trips can be found here. Registration for all workshops is necessary.

The workshops are organised by the Sopot Photographic Club, PTTK Sopot Branch and Studio PCF. Classes take place regardless of the weather.

Place: Meet at Sopot Train Station

Date:19.09 , 15:00 - 18:00

Hour: 15:00 - 18:00

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Category Kultura

Address: Tadeusza Kościuszki 14, 81-704 Sopot


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Organizer: City Hall

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