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David Garrett

06.10 , 20:00

DAVID GARRETT returns to Poland with an incredible show to celebrate his 10th anniversary! The “UNLIMITED – GREATEST HITS – LIVE” will be played in Cracow, Lodz and Gdansk.

Since the very beginning of his career, DAVID GARRETT was always open for new styles. ‘’UNLIMITED” is more than a tour name. It’s Garrett’s very own philosophy of life. Every fan knows that his creativity is limitless. Because of his passion for music, he is able to combine new melodies with classics. His versions “Purple Rain”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, beautiful arrangements of “Nothing Else Matters” or “November Rain”, spins of ” Viva la vida ” and ” Hey Jude “, as well as new concepts for Beethoven or Debussy cause magic emotions and electrify crowds.

After his famous “EXPLOSIVE LIVE” shows in Poland in 2016 and 2017, DAVID GARRETT returns with a whole different programme.

“I’m very excited for “UNLIMITED – GREATEST HITS – LIVE ” 2019. I’d like, more than ever, to take my fans for an exciting tour – says David GARRETT. “Together with my band, friends and fans I want to celebrate music and the last 10 years.”

Over the last 10 years of his international career, DAVID GARRETT gave numerous sold-out shows. During the “EXPLOSIVE LIVE” tour, Garrett sold over 400 000 tickets in 20 countries. Paganini of the popstars, Jimi Hendrix the violinist, DAVID GARRETT is, indeed, the “The Devil’s Violinist” of our times, an international musician who blears the border between Mozart and Metallika. Admired for his individuality and great talent, David can play literally anything. The violinist sold millions of tickets, received 24 golden and 16 platinum awards in places like Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore and many more. He has the rock star charisma and the most beautiful charm, something the best instrumentalists of our Times possess.

Don’t miss an exciting evening with DAVID GARRETT and HIS BAND! During “UNLIMITED – GREATEST HITS – LIVE” you will witness not only an extraordinary, anniversary show. You will hear the best rock melodies, ballads and some beautiful classics. Don’t hesitate and get your tickets for the event of the year!


Date:06.10 , 20:00

Hour: 20:00

Tickets: 190 - 490 PLN


Address: Plac Dwóch Miast 1, 81-736 Sopot/Gdańsk



Phone: 58 767 21 01

Fax: 58 760 10 29

Organizer: ERGO ARENA

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