Szymon Brodziak ‘You Are What You See’ Photographic Exhibition

28.09 - 20.10

The exhibition is open: from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 - 19:00

Partners: Brodziak Gallery


‘You Are What You See’ is the artistic credo of Szymon Brodziak, who this year took 1st place in the World Top 10 Black & White Photographers competition.

Brodziak, a virtuoso of black and white photography, creates his still stories with women with extreme care and likes to say his photos are like stills from films that have never been made. The beauty and power of his subjects are emphasized by the artist by his placing them in sophisticated, non-obvious scenery. Usually, it is places that inspire Szymon Brodziak to create his visions, tell emotional stories and whose end result invariably remains beauty.

The exhibition at the State Art Gallery in Sopot presents a cross-section of photographs from the entire period of Szymon Brodziak's work. This exhibition precedes the premiere of the artist's new photographic album with the same title: ‘You Are What You See.’ The new publication presents Brodziak's achievements from a completely different perspective - through an in-depth look at the artist's creative process.

The exhibition is an invitation to plunge into the black and white world of a master of photography.